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Is mediation the right choice for your divorce in Connecticut?

While mediation is a divorce solution associated with many benefits, it is not the right choice for every couple who decides to end their marriage.

Many couples in Connecticut who intend on ending their marriage immediately assume that the divorce process will be lengthy and contentious, without considering mediation as an option. As opposed to litigation, during the divorce mediation process, spouses work with a neutral mediator who helps both of the parties come to an agreement on child custody issues, property division issues and other aspects of their divorce, states Forbes.

The benefits of mediation

While mediation is often less adversarial than litigation, there are many other benefits associated with the mediation process. According to The Huffington Post, these include some of the following:

  • Couples are allowed to control the discussion-during the mediation process, couples are given the ability to discuss and settle topics of their choice. Divorcing couples are also able to determine what their divorce agreement entails, instead of a judge.
  • The divorce can be resolved quickly-instead of waiting to coordinate with the schedule of a court, divorcing couples can set their own timeframe for resolving issues.
  • Mediation allows for greater confidentiality-any documents, communications or work notes used during the mediation process are considered confidential and private. Additionally, meetings are private and are generally held in the office of the mediator.
  • Children are protected from conflict-during a child custody trial, children are often required to be interviewed by several experts or appear before the court. Mediation eliminates the need for this to occur, allowing parents to focus on the needs of their children.

Medication also allows couples going through the divorce process to create a plan that lends itself to better co-parenting and improves the chances of greater post-divorce stability for divorced parents and their children.

Mediation isn’t the right choice for every couple

Even though mediation is a beneficial choice for many couples, it is not the right divorce option for every couple who decides to end their marriage. For example, according to Forbes, since all financial information disclosed during the mediation process is voluntary, one spouse may be able to hide income or assets from the other. Additionally, in relationships where one spouse is dominating and the other is more submissive, the couple may end up settling on an agreement that is unfair to one spouse.

Couples in Connecticut who believe that mediation is the right choice for their upcoming divorce should carefully consider the implications of this decision and reach out to an attorney for guidance. If you and your spouse are contemplating divorce, turn to an attorney to find out more about what the mediation process entails and whether it would be a beneficial solution for your divorce.

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