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Central Connecticut Child Support Lawyer Assisting in Hartford, Middlesex, New Britain and Tolland Counties

Spousal Support and Child Support Law Firm

When parents have parted ways, the parent with physical or primary custody may be entitled to financial support for the children. Some spouses may also be entitled to support following a divorce, depending on several factors.

My firm, the Law Offices of Robert B. Fried in Hartford, Connecticut, is thoroughly experienced in child support guidelines and spousal support matters. I am a Connecticut instructor of family law software that computes child support guidelines and provides tax information for family law practitioners. The software also offers cash flow analyses that are instrumental in establishing a creative and fair financial order and property division. Contact me if you have questions about your child support or alimony matters.

Child Support

The final court order regarding child support may take some time. In that event, I will file a pretrial motion for a temporary child support award. I will also work to ensure that the final order complies with the Connecticut guidelines and incorporates all relevant income. When necessary, I can seek to deviate from the state guidelines.

Post-award enforcement may be necessary if a spouse ceases to make payments. I can solve those problems with wage garnishment actions and contempt motions. I can also assist you with modification of support orders when there has been a change in circumstance.

Spousal Support

Before a divorce is finalized, it may be possible to file a pretrial motion for a temporary award of spousal support (alimony). I will pursue an appropriate order for support by assessing your circumstances in light of the governing state factors. If the situation requires, I will pursue an action for enforcement or modification of a spousal support order.

Child support is an ongoing financial obligation while the child is a minor and spousal support can be awarded on a temporary or permanent basis. I remain committed to getting a fair result for you and your children. Contact my office to schedule a free initial consultation. I am open 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and am available evenings and weekends by appointment. I accept Visa and MasterCard.